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Images[edit] Lotsa images available here. --Evrik 19:13, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

Move to commons[edit]

The following images should all be moved from the en wiki to the commons:

  1. They should get the template {{PD-USGov-Congress}} for their copyright
  2. They should be placed on the page National Statuary Hall Collection
  3. They should be categorized in Category:United States Capitol

You can reference Wikipedia:Moving images to the Commons or Wikipedia:WikiProject Moving free images to Wikimedia Commons. I suggest using the CommonsHelper, en:Template:Copy to Wikimedia Commons and Commonist.

--Evrik 20:41, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

  1. en:image:Beadle.jpg
  2. en:image:Borah.jpg
  3. en:image:Carrollnshc.jpg
  4. en:image:Eisenhowernshc.jpg
  5. en:image:Ernest Gruening bronze by George Anthonisen.jpg
  6. en:image:Eusebio Francisco Kino bronze by Suzanne Silvercruys.jpg
  7. en:image:Francis Preston Blair Jr.jpg
  8. en:image:Fultonnshc.jpg
  9. en:image:George.jpg
  10. en:image:Gorrie.jpg
  11. en:image:Hansonnshc.jpg
  12. en:image:Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry marble by Dante Sodini.jpg
  13. en:image:John Campbell Greenway bronze by Gutzon Borglum.jpg
  14. en:image:Joseph m.jpg
  15. en:image:Joseph Wheeler bronze by Berthold Nebel.jpg
  16. en:image:Kamehamehanshc.jpg
  17. en:image:Kenna.jpg
  18. en:image:Lee j.jpg
  19. en:image:LewisCassStatue.jpg
  20. en:image:Mcdowell.jpg
  21. en:image:Mcloughlin.jpg
  22. en:image:Morton o.jpg
  23. en:image:Pierpont.jpg
  24. en:image:RodneyCaesar2.jpg
  25. en:image:Sabin.jpg
  26. en:image:Sanford.jpg
  27. en:image:Shoup.jpg
  28. en:image:Uriah Milton Rose marble by Frederic W. Ruckstull.jpg
  29. en:image:Ward.jpg
  30. en:image:Washakie c.jpg
  31. en:image:Whitman.jpg