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The navigation box is used for Latin names of biological taxons and their authors. The taxons are italicized except descriptions of infraspecies, authors written in small capital letters.


This infobox is used to describe infraspecies taxons: infraspecies names are italisized except for Infraspecific_taxons and commonly used abbreviation of authors names by small capital letters.


  • First (no name, obligatory) — taxon’s name without infraspecies part
  • Second (no name, optional) — the name of taxon’s author(s), abbreviations and other terms used for description of biological taxons, these will be shown in small letters
  • Nine other optional parameters:
   * subsp — subspecies;  use subsp. before the name
   * var — variety;  variety in botanics, use var. before the name
   * convar — group of  varieties; convar.  before the name
   * nothovar;  hybrid variety;  nothovar. before the name
   * subvar — subvariety; subvar. before the name
   * f — form; f. before the name
   * subf — subform; 
   * ct — chemotype
   * cv — cultural variety;  cv, the neme in 'inverted commas'
   * aut1 — author's name in trinomial оr more complex name of infraspecies taxon, placed after binomial species name


{{bt|[[Petasites radiatus]]|([[J.F.Gmel.]]) [[J.Toman]]}}
{{bt|Linnaea borealis|subsp=longiflora|([[Torr.]]) [[Hulten]]}}
{{bt|Petasites japonicus|aut1=([[Siebold]] & [[Zucc.]]) [[Maxim.]]|subsp=giganteus|([[F.Schmidt]] ex [[Trautv.]]) [[Kitam.]]}}
  • Iris × germanica nothovar. florentina
{{bt|Iris × germanica|nothovar=florentina}}
  • Thymus vulgaris ct. thymol
{{bt|Thymus vulgaris|ct=thymol}}
{{bt|[[Citrullus lanatus]]|cv=Sugar Baby}}
  • Example taxon: Genus vulgaris var. vulgaris subvar. vulgaris f. vulgaris subf. vulgaris
{{bt|Genus vulgaris|var=vulgaris|subvar=vulgaris|f=vulgaris|subf=vulgaris}}