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Dürer graph.svg Parent categories were assigned using the {{Category Russia}} template. In general, new categories should not be added by hand. The tree of categories is maintained automatically, any human edits may be overridden by bot.
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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Category Russia/doc.

Template for create the tree of all categories related to Russia, from bottom-level categories assigned to individual objects


{{Category Russia |type= |region= |district= |city= |type2= |regionid= |districtid= |cityid= |wdid= |knid= |index= |format= }}

This template and its derivates create the tree of all categories related to Russia, from bottom-level categories assigned to individual objects (e.g., Category:Iremel) to top-level ones, such as Category:Nature of Russia and Category:Geography of Russia. The template uses the common hierarchy summarized in the table below.

The template has several varieties:

Template parameters

typesee belowemptyoptional
regionregion, where the object is locatedemptyoptional
districtmunicipal district, where the object is locatedemptyoptional
citycity, where the object is locatedemptyoptional
type2identifies objects belonging to protected areas or cultural heritageemptyoptional
regionidWikidata ID's of the regionemptyoptional
districtidWikidata ID's of the districtemptyoptional
cityidWikidata ID's of the cityemptyoptional
wdidWikidata ID's of the objectemptyoptional
knidLikewise, is used for ID's of protected areas and cultural heritage (according to lists in Russian Wikivoyage). While not involved in the current version of the template, they can be utilized by bots and should be added whenever possibleemptyoptional
indexis the sorting criterion (only for meta categories: by city, by region, etc.)emptyoptional
formatwill suppress the header (when two templates are used on the same page)emptyoptional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the Category namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: no user group specified


English  français  magyar  português  македонски  русский  українська  العربية 

This template makes use of {{Autotranslate}} and the translate extension.

Predefined values for 'type' param

The template uses the common hierarchy summarized in the table below:

type prefix parent1 parent2
nature Nature of
geography Geography of
protected areas Protected areas of Nature of Geography of
forest Forests in Nature of Geography of
park Parks in Nature of Geography of
landscape Landscapes of Russia Nature of Geography of
boulevard Boulevards in Nature of Streets in
field Fields in Nature of
steppe Steppes in Nature of Geography of
floodplain Floodplains in Nature of Geography of
valley Valleys of Geography of
cave Caves in Geography of
mountain Mountains of Geography of
desert Deserts of Geography of
island Islands of Geography of
outcrop Outcrops in Geography of
drainage divide Drainage divides in Geography of
cross section Geological cross sections of Geology of
sedimentary rock Sedimentary rocks in Geology of
waterfall Waterfalls in Nature of Geography of
rapid Rapids in Nature of Geography of
cliff Cliffs of Geography of
rock Rocks in Geology of
crater Craters of Geography of
cape Cape of Geography of
dune Dunes of Geography of
tree Trees in Nature of
mineral Minerals of Nature of
fungi Fungi of Nature of
animal Animals of Nature of
fossil Fossils of Nature of
flora Flora of Nature of
canyon Canyons in Geography of
river Rivers of Geography of
canal Canals in Geography of
lake Lakes of Geography of
pond Ponds in Geography of
reservoir Reservoirs in Bodies of water in
bay Bays of Geography of
wintering pit Wintering pits in Geography of
arboretum Botanical gardens in Gardens and Parks in
national park National parks of Gardens and Parks in Protected areas of
reserve Nature reserves in Protected areas of
sanctuary Sanctuaries in Protected areas of
spring Springs of Geography of
pass Mountain passes of Geography of
plateau Plateaus of Geography of
resort Resorts in Geography of
swamp Swamps in Nature of Geography of
cemetery Cemeteries of Culture of
petroglyph Petroglyphs of Archaeology in History of
hill fort Hill forts in Archaeology in History of
boulder Boulders in Rocks in
menhir Menhirs in Archaeology in History of
ravine Ravines in Nature of Geography of
peninsula Peninsulas of Geography of
estate Country estates in Nature of Culture of
quarry Quarries in Geography of
coast Coasts of Geography of
riverbank River banks in Geography of
spit Spits in Geography of
ridge Ridges in Mountains of
volcano Volcanoes in Geography of
mudpot Mudpots in Geography of
glacier Glaciers of Geography of
monument Monuments and memorials in
building Buildings in
church Churches in

where 'type' is a key identifying the type of object.


{{Category Russia|region=Krasnodar Krai‎|district=Maykopsky District|type=waterfall|type2=protected area|knid=0110017}}

will place the Category:Falls Creek Rufabgo to the lowest possible category for waterfalls (Category:Waterfalls in Krasnodar Krai) and to the category for protected areas of the relevant district (Category:Protected areas of Maykopsky District). If the category with watefalls in Krasnodar Krai were not found, the template would use Category:Waterfalls in Russia and the parent category on the regional level (Category:Geography of Krasnodar Krai).