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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Color/doc.

  • coloring of text,
  • drawing boxes,
  • tooltipping


{{Color |2= }}

Template parameters

1color of the text, in any valid notation, plus
"b" as a short form for "black" (#000000)
"w" as a short form for "white" (#FFFFFF)
2text, in any wiki notationemptyrequired
bgcolor of the background, in any valid notationtransparentoptional
titleany text to be tooltipped"bg" valueoptional
cssadditional CSS attributes, like e.g. border and paddingemptyoptional

Additional information

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This template is not intended to be localized.

Usage: {{Color|color|text}}


  • {{color|red|example text}} → example text
  • {{color|#00F|example text}} → example text
  • {{color|white|example text|bg=black}} → example text
  • {{color|#000|box ''without'' tooltip|css=border:1px solid #7F7|title=}} → box without tooltip

Short forms:

  • {{color||default color|bg=cyan}} → default color
  • {{color|b|black color|bg=gold}} → black color
  • {{color|w|white color|bg=purple}} → white color
  • {{color|b|#FBBD46|bg=#FBBD46}} → #FBBD46

To draw just a color box with bg-color, use it like

  • {{Color||{{0|00}}|bg=#0a0}} → 00   or   {{Color|1=#F0F|2=XX|bg=#F0F}} → XX   or   the short form {{Cbox|#CCC}} → 00

To just tooltip a text, use it like
The <u>{{color|#000|underlined text|title=tooltip example}}</u> is ''{{W|tooltip}}ped'' : 0 The underlined text is tooltipped.

It is also possible to define additional CSS data, e.g.
{{color|b|'''padded box'''|bg=#CFC|css=border:2px dotted #F80;padding:0 8px|title=CSS example}} → padded box

For colors see: Web colors. Three-digit hexadecimal color tables are shown there.

The bg-color is tooltipped — move the cursor to the field to see