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This template is intended as a navigational aid in categories related to the counties of the whole isle of Ireland (both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland).

In the Republic of Ireland the countries are administrative units; the template contains those in act as of 2016.

In Northern Ireland, which is under the sovereignity of the United Kingdom, the counties are listed only for historical and cultural purpose having been suppressed after the 1972 reform of local government. All the six former counties of Northern Ireland were part of the historical province of Ulster.



{{Counties of Ireland |prefix= |suffix= }}



In People of County Sligo, {{Counties of Ireland|prefix=:Category:People of|suffix=}} produces a navigation box with all the names of all the counties of Ireland with wikilinks to the respective "People of" categories.


Parameter Description Required or optional?
prefix Text of category namespace before the name of the county Required — minimum = :Category:
suffix Text of category namespace after the name of the county Optional
all Show all links without checking if they exist Optional

List of supported counties

  • Counties of Republic of Ireland (as of 2016): 2 former counties were merged into one, 3 other counties have been separated from their former capital city, 2 other counties have merged their county council with the former city council of their capital, and 1 former county has been splitted into 4 parts (3 new counties and the national capital city).
    These changes are still not reflected in ISO 3166-2 which just encodes the former traditional counties that existed before 2008. As well counties and separate cities are grouped (since 2008) into newer regions (regions are still not primary subdivisions of the Republic, due to other proposed but postponed changes, so regions also not reflected in ISO 3166-2).
  • Counties of Northern Ireland (suppressed in 1972): they have all been replaced by districts.