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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Crop for Wikidata/doc.

This template is used to request that a portion of the image be extracted to a separate file; once created, the cropped portion can be used to set property "image" (P18) on the Wikidata item indicated.

The template automatically sets the following categories: Category:Crop for Wikidata or Category:Crop for Wikidata/Instructions needed


{{Crop for Wikidata |1= |2= }}

Indicate the Wikidata Q item number for which an image is sought. As a second argument, provide as much details as necessary to indicate which part of the picture needs to be extracted.

Template parameters

1QitemWikidata item number. Example: Q5551050emptyrequired
2crop_instructionsInformation about area of the picture to be extracted
if set to missing, will display a different message and rather categorize picture in Category:Crop for Wikidata/Instructions needed

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the File namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

Placement: In the "Permission" parameter of the {{Information}} template (or the respective parameter of similar templates) or in the "Licensing" section


{{Crop for Wikidata| Q382775 | Capture a head and chest shot of the second person from the left}}

renders as:

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To add your language to the list of languages supported by this template, please edit the template and add a row to the "{{LangSwitch|}}" construct. It takes the form "|xx= Your translation " (xx being the code of your language)