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According to author Joseph Fried, these graphics may utilize data extracted from two large data bases: the American National Election Studies (NES) and the General Social Surveys (GSS), the original sources of the data. The related analyses and conclusions are the responsibility of the author. Further relevant information concerning NES and GSS with regard to this group of images may be found below:

Further Information about the NES and GSS data:

The 1948-2004 *American National Election Studies* (NES) [machine readable data file] produced by Stanford University and the University of Michigan in 2005. NES is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Numbers: SBR-9707741, SBR-9317631, SES-9209410, SES-9009379, SES-88008361, SES-8341310, SES-8207580, and SOC77-08885. The 1972-2006 *General Social Survey* (GSS) [machine readable data file]. Principal Investigator, James A. Davis; Director and Co-Principal Investigator, Tom W. Smith; Co-Principal Investigator, Peter V. Marsden, NORC ed. Chicago: National Opinion Research Center, producer, 2005; Storrs, CT: The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, University of Connecticut, distributor. 1 data file (51,020 logical records and 1 codebook (2,552 pp).