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Source/Photographer {{{special:url_id}}} at Google Cultural Institute, zoom level maximum

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{{Google Cultural Institute}}

Google Cultural Institute is an entity including the Google Art Project, and will be used on Google Art Project images imported after September 2013.

Example blank template with complete list of properties follows (will likely add more of these later on). Names are based on those in the Google Cultural Institute artwork JSON metadata with spaces replaced by underscores, and with the tag category (e.g. "core") and tag name (e.g. "title") separated by a colon ("core:title"). Most of these are not used for any particular image. Tags which typically contain long prose content are omitted for copyright reasons, as are infrequently used tags. Fields starting with "special:" are additional metadata added by the upload bot.

At the beginning are the Commons-only tags (all beginning with "commons:") which can override any of the fields in the artwork template if desired. These are placed at the top to make the artwork template easy to edit. There is a special "zoom" tag indicating the level of zoom (defaults to highest, which is usual except for gigapixel works). These are always included even if blank.

The template will be rendered as a suitable artwork template based on the supplied information.

{{Google Cultural Institute

|c-0160a551:creator.cabinet maker=
|c-0160a551:creator.painter and engraver=
|c-0160a551:customtext.alternative title=
|c-0160a551:customtext.material extent=
|c-0160a551:customtext.provenance extent=

Examples will come later.

The template takes no parameters.

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