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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Google books quote/doc.


{{Google books quote|id=Google books id ref|pg=Google books pg ref|text=text of quotation|description of link}}


{{Google books quote|id=Google books id ref|page=Google books (PA) page number|text=text of quotation|description of link}}

For example,

{{Google books quote|id=2jBqvVb0Q-AC|page=84|text=conjugate permutations have the same cycle type|Humphreys (1996), p. 84}}


{{Google books quote|id=2jBqvVb0Q-AC|pg=PA84|text=conjugate permutations have the same cycle type|Humphreys (1996), p. 84}}


Humphreys (1996), p. 84

which should link to and highlight the text of the quote. Note that the quote needs to be accurate, and contained within a single page which is available on Google books.

The second form is need to refer to introductory text in a book (where the pg parameter begins "PR" rather than "PA"). For example:

{{Google books quote|id=ts4dUeNk3R8C|pg=PR15|text=satirizes American politics, an emerging consumerism, and dominant representations of the nation itself|xv}}



The id and pg data can be found by searching Google books for the isbn and (keywords in) the quote. Once you find the Google books page with the quote, the id and pg data should be in the URL. To get the text of the quote right, it can be helpful to use the "Search in this book" facility on Google books. Also, it is enough to highlight the initial portion of long quotes, as Google books makes it easy for readers to scroll forwards to the rest.

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