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Creates an infobox for an article on the copyright rules of a country or territory


{{Infobox copyright rules
 |Country             =
 |Width               =
 |Shortcut            =
 |Flag                =
 |Map                 =
 |Map width           =
 |Standard            =
 |Photograph          =
 |Anonymous           =
 |Audiovisual         =
 |Collective          =
 |Posthumous          =
 |Applied art         =
 |Government          =
 |Freedom of panorama =
 |Year end            =
 |Tags                =
 |Berne date          =
 |WTO date            =
 |WIPO treaty         =
 |UCC date            =
 |Bangui date         =
 |URAA date           =

Template parameters

Countrye.g. |Country = Franceemptyrequired
WidthWidth of the infobox280pxoptional
ShortcutName used in the shortcut if different from "Country". E.g. |Country=the Bahamas |Shortcut=Bahamasemptyoptional
FlagFile holding icon of the country's flag, e.g. |Flag = Flag of Malta.svgemptyoptional
MapFile holding location map of country, e.g. |Map = Malta in Europe.svgemptyoptional
Map widthWidth of the map260pxoptional
StandardStandard copyright duration for works by known individual authors. E.g. |Standard = Life + 70 yearsemptyoptional
PhotographDuration of copyright for photographs if different from Standardemptyoptional
AnonymousDuration of copyright for anonymous works, E.g. |Anonymous = Publish + 50 yearsemptyoptional
AudiovisualDuration of copyright for audiovisual worksemptyoptional
CollectiveDuration of copyright for collective worksemptyoptional
PosthumousDuration of copyright for works unpublished during author's lifetimeemptyoptional
Applied artDuration of copyright for works of applied artemptyoptional
GovernmentNormal copyright duration for works created by or for the governmentemptyoptional
Freedom of panoramaYes if freedom of panorama is spelled out in the copyright lawemptyoptional
Year endYes if protection terms run to the end of the relevant yearemptyoptional
TagsList of common license tags, e.g. |Tags={{tl|PD-old-auto}}emptyoptional
Berne dateDate country joined the Berne conventionemptyoptional
WTO dateDate country joined the World Trade Organizationemptyoptional
WIPO treatyDate country signed the WIPO treatyemptyoptional
UCC dateDate country signed the Universal Copyright Conventionemptyoptional
Bangui dateDate country signed the Bangui Agreementemptyoptional
URAA dateDate copyright was restored in the United States under the Uruguay Round Agreements Actemptyoptional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the Commons namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

Placement: At the top of the page


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This template makes use of {{Autotranslate}} and the translate extension.