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This template italicizes page titles, for example categories named after a ship. Page titles cannot contain wiki-formatting, such as '', so cannot be italicized in the normal way. Instead, place this template in the page, normally at the very top. It will then have the following effect:

  • Titles with no parentheses () are fully italicised except the namespace:
    • FooFoo
    • Category:FooCategory:Foo
  • Titles which contain parentheses are italicised before the first opening parenthesis:
    • Foo (bar)Foo (bar)
    • Category:Foo (bar)Category:Foo (bar)
  • Italicization can be forced on parenthesized text with the |all=yes parameter.


Basic usage

{{italic title}}

All parameters

{{italic title|string=text in title|all=yes}}


  • all: if this is set to "yes", text in parentheses is italicized.
  • string: instead of italicizing the whole title, italicize only some specific text. For example, using |string=Ark Royal on the page "Category:HMS Ark Royal (91)" would result in "Category:HMS Ark Royal (91)".


This template uses the magic word DISPLAYTITLE. It only affects how the name is displayed at top of the page and not elsewhere like in category listings or search results.