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Quintus Horatius Flaccus; Samuel Gotthold Lange

Template:Lange Horaz 1752

Year of publication


Page(s) {{{2}}} from the German translation of Horace’ Odes and Ars poetica by Samuel Gotthold Lange, Halle 1752. The complete original title is:

Des Quintus Horatius Flaccus Oden fünf Bücher und von der Dichtkunst ein Buch[,] poetisch übersetzt von Samule Gotthold Langen [!]. Halle, bey Johann Justinus Gebauer. 1752.

Lange’s translation is famous because it was harshly criticized by Lessing; some pages of the present copy show the annotations of a reader who has noted Lessing’s criticism in the margin. But Lange’s translation is also still noteworthy as one of the first ‘modern’ German translations which try to imitate the metre of the original and don’t add rhymes. Lange explains these guidelines in his preface. — The book’s first pages, including title, dedication and preface, have no pagination; I have paginated them here with Roman figures, beginning with the half title.


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