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This documentation is transcluded from Template:LanguageSelector/link/doc.

Displays a link to the current page in displayed in another specified language.


{{LanguageSelector/link |1= |2= |3= |action= }}

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
1 language code, required to display any actual link empty optional
2 what to display within the link:
  • code : display only the language code
  • yes : display the language name and the language icon (if any)
  • only : display only the language icon
  • otherwise : display only the language name
empty optional
3 icon file name (required when parameter 2 is yes or only) empty optional
action optional action (such as "edit") to include in the target URL. Passed through to {{UselangLink}} empty optional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: no namespace specified

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Code Renders as
"{{LanguageSelector/link|fr}}" "French"
"{{LanguageSelector/link|fr|code}}" "fr"
"{{LanguageSelector/link|fr|yes|Flag of French language (QC-FR).svg}}" "French"
"{{LanguageSelector/link|fr|only|Flag of French language (QC-FR).svg}}" "français"
"{{LanguageSelector/link}}" ""