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Manner of

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Multilingual tag for use in the "Artist=" field of {{Artwork}}.


{{Manner of |1= }}

The phrase Manner of is used for a work of art in the style of a certain artists, that deviates from his or her known work to such an extent that it does not originate from his or her immediate circle. Also the composition deviates from the original to such an extent that the work can't be regarded a copy. However, the work of art probably originates from the artist's lifetime (in contrast to {{Follower of}}, which applies to works of art made in some cases long after the artist's death).

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
1 name of the author in whose style the painting is done empty required

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{{After}}, {{Attributed to}}, {{Circle of}}, {{Follower of}}, {{Formerly attributed to}}

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