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Green copyright.svg The image above depicts a unit of currency issued by the Central Bank of Jordan. This design is copyrighted by the Central Bank of Jordan, and its use is permitted by the bank under certain limitations:
  1. The size of the copied banknote should not be the same size as the actual banknote.
  2. If the copied banknote is smaller than the actual banknote then it should not exceed two-thirds of the original banknote size.
  3. If the copied banknote is bigger, it should not be less than one and a half the size of the original banknote.
  4. Copying of banknotes should be one-sided only (i.e. nothing should appear on the reverse of a copy which might give the impression that the copied banknote is a genuine one).
  5. Copied banknotes and coins should not appear in an offensive context, for example in conjunction with imagery or text of a violent or pornographic nature.
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