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This page is a translated version of a page Template:Navbar/i18n and the translation is 0% complete. Changes to the translation template, respectively the source language can be submitted through Template:Navbar/i18n and have to be approved by a translation administrator.

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Navbar/doc.

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{{navbar |1= }}

Copyable examples when inside a given template adds navbar navigational functionality:

The {{subst:PAGENAME}} will be substituted with the template’s name when parsed by the servers.

The miniv=1, viewplain=1 and fontcolor= parameters have been deprecated. To use the view-only version, use the {{v}} or {{view}} templates instead.

Template parameters

nameName of the templateemptyrequired
plain versionHide the “This box:” textemptyoptional
short versionUse one-letter links instead of whole wordsemptyoptional
inline versionUse <bdi> instead of <div> so that the template won’t have its own line in the textemptyoptional
box styleCSS style for the whole boxemptyoptional
font styleCSS style for the text, also applied to the links. Useful for setting font color as that would be overridden by default link color.emptyoptional
bracketsPut [brackets] around the linksemptyoptional
languageSet the template’s language. Not used if the template is transcluded on pages translated with the Translate extension.emptyoptional
LangSwitch Error: no defaultemptydeprecated
LangSwitch Error: no defaultemptydeprecated
font colorSet the font color. Deprecated, use |fontstyle = color:<color> instead.emptydeprecated

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: no namespace specified

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renders as:

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This template makes use of {{Autotranslate}} and the translate extension.


Options Parameters Produces...
Normal {{navbar|Template Name}}
No "This box:" text. {{navbar|Template Name|plain=1}}
Short version. {{navbar|Template Name|mini=1}}
Good for "blending" into text. {{navbar|Template Name|nodiv=1}} Lorem This box: view  talk  edit Ipsum
Blended, no "This box:" text. {{navbar|Template Name|plain=1|nodiv=1}} Lorem view  talk  edit Ipsum
Blended, short version. {{navbar|Template Name|mini=1|nodiv=1}} Lorem v  d  e Ipsum
For a color option. {{navbar|Template Name|fontstyle=color:green}}