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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Oldffdfull-en/doc.


Important: This template is not used for files suggested for deletion on Commons! Use {{kept}} for them!

| date = 
| result = 
| page = 
  • date: date of nomination, use any supported format, e.g., "2006 June 1", "1 June 2006" or "2006-06-01" (this is the same date as the deletion discussion page).
  • result (optional parameter): default value is keep
  • page (optional parameter): if the nominated image was listed under another name
  • this is used in closing discussions as indicated at Deletion Process
  • If the talk page for the file already exists, add this template to the talk page. Otherwise, the template may be added to the file page itself under a heading such as ==Deletion discussions==.

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