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Public domain This movie or image from a movie is now in the public domain because its term of copyright has expired in Mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan (but not necessarily Hong Kong per warning below).

A cinematographic work, a work created by virtue of an analogous method of film production or a photographic work is copyrighted for 50 years since the first publication in Mainland China, Macau (photographic works copyrighted 25 years from completion), and Taiwan according to article 21 of 3 Term of Protection for Rights Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, Decree-Law 43/99/M of August 16, 1999 of Macau, and Article 30 of the Copyright Act of the Republic of China in effect in Taiwan.

Warning: This tag must not be used for Hong Kong films that are copyrighted there for life plus 50 years, computed from the last of the following persons with known identity to survive: (a) the principal director; (b) the author of the screenplay; (c) the author of the dialogue; or (d) the composer of music specially created for and used in the film. However, Hong Kong accepts the rule of the shorter term for non-Hong Kong works.

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