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This is a template used for POTY 2012 translation.

 Please translate all terms following an =
 You can do the work step by step.
 It is recommended to save your progress to the work.
 Set all en to the shorthand for your language or simply
 Date and time format: see mw:Help:Extension:ParserFunctions#.23time
 An example of a custom format is at Template:POTY2012/pt or Template:POTY2012/ja
 You can replace the whole {{#time: r|{{POTY2012/date}}|en}} 
 with {{ISOdate|{{POTY2012/date}}}}, if this is sufficient for your purposes
 If your changes do not show up on the pages where this template is used,
 click on edit/ view source, then replace action=edit with action=purge in
 the address bar of your browser and hit enter
 Thanks for your help to improve Wikimedia Commons!