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This template converts Arabic numerals (that is, 1, 2, 3, etc) into Roman numerals (I, II, III etc). It currently works for any whole number between 0 and 4999999.


{{Roman |1= }}

Template parameters

1number to display in Roman Numerals. Must be at least 0 and less than 5,000,000.emptyrequired

Additional information

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Arabic Numerals Template Call Roman Numerals
1 {{Roman|1}} I
2 {{Roman|2}} II
49 {{Roman|49}} XLIX
50 {{Roman|50}} L
51 {{Roman|51}} LI
999 {{Roman|999}} CMXCIX
1024 {{Roman|1024}} MXXIV
4999 {{Roman|4999}} I̅V̅CMXCIX
5000 {{Roman|5000}}
5001 {{Roman|5001}} V̅I
9999 {{Roman|9999}} I̅X̅CMXCIX
10000 {{Roman|10000}}
1048576 {{Roman|1048576}} M̅X̅L̅V̅I̅I̅I̅DLXXVI
4999999 {{Roman|4999999}} I̿V̿C̅M̅X̅C̅I̅X̅CMXCIX