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Disclaimer: The Seattle Neighborhood Atlas, which the Seattle Clerk's Office has placed in the public domain (as confirmed by OTRS ticket 2008033110016048) contains some general commentary on the maps, "About Maps", which should typically be linked as an accompaniment to these maps to (in their words) "minimize the numerous 'complaints' or comments by users who feel it necessary to point out how the Clerk's Office is 'wrong' about a certain section of town." In particular, "About Maps" says that the atlas "is designed for subject indexing of legislation, photographs, and other documents in the City Clerk's Office and Seattle Municipal Archives" and "is not designed or intended as an 'official' City of Seattle neighborhood map. There are many different ideas of what neighborhood districts exist in Seattle and what their names are…"

This disclaimer should typically be part of the description of an image using license tag {{PD-Seattle-Neighborhood-Atlas}}.