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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Structured Data/doc.

This template shows file information held within the structured data fields, using the standard file page layout. Use on a file page as:

{{Structured Data}}

That's it! You'll need to have some structured data first, though. Otherwise you can use the local additions, but then they won't be multilingual.

The complete set of properties used is:

Information Default Additions Notes
Initial templates depicts (P180) pre= This will auto-include {{Artwork}} if the instance of (P31) of the linked item is painting (Q3305213); {{MonumentID}} if the linked item has heritage designation (P1435) set; or a generic set of information about the depicted item otherwise. Supports up to 5 depicts statements.
Description Caption description= Also includes values from depicts (P180), collection (P195), location (P276), and significant event (P793).
Date date= Will use inception (P571) when SDC supports dates
Source source of file (P7482) source=
Author creator (P170)
author (P50)
author= Will use author name string (P2093) when SDC supports strings
Photo coordinate coordinate= Will use coordinate location (P625) when SDC supports dates. Currently imports coordinates for depicted items.
Later templates post=
Licensing copyright license (P275) license= Supports up to 5 license statements.

For live demos, see:

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