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This template sets up a navigation box for moving between categories for Things or Things of the same decade. The color scheme changes from blue to sepia tone if the decade is 1910 or earlier. Optionally, up to 3 notable images from the period may used to illustrate the breadth of the category's contents.

Related: Template:Places by decade performs the same function, but recognizes places categories such as for cites, states and countries by decade.

Simple example[edit]

{{Things by decade
|thing    = automobiles
 |decade   = 1870
 |image    = Autobus amedee-bollee.jpg

Parameter list[edit]

The thing name. Categories are listed for the given "thing" if they obey the naming convention form: <decade>s <thingName>. Example:Category:1860s fashion
First year of the decade desired.
image, Image2, Image3 optional
Notable image(s) from the collection. Up to 3 images may be indicated. Omit "Image:" prefix.
width, width2, width3 optional. example value for large image: [width = 450px]
Used for changing image size. Default width is 250 pixels. Multiple images can be adjusted to the same height by adjusting these smaller or larger.
Styles - optional. Used for formatting the Navbox colors, alignments and other options. See navigation box documentation for more information.
Example value for a green title bar: [ titlestyle = background:#89F92F; ]
  • titlestyle - the title bar
  • groupstyle - the side bar
  • liststyle - the format of the lists
  • bodystyle - the default formating for the navbox

Complex examples[edit]

Images can be adjusted in width so that their height is equal:

{{Things by decade
|thing    = fashion
 |decade   = 1870
 |image    = 1870s fashion plate.jpg
 |  width  = 300px
 |image2   =Hermann Krone und Familie um 1875 (01).jpg
 |  width2 =250px
 |image3   =AugustaTaborPinceNez.jpg
 |  width3 =310px

Empty syntax[edit]

{{Things by decade
 |thing    = 
 |decade   = 
 |image    =
 |  width  =
 |image2   =
 |  width2 =
 |image3   =
 |  width3 =