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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Userbox/doc.

With this template, you can create userboxes. This box has an overall width of 238 pixels (+2×1px border width = 240px). The Userbox divided into two areas: the left square box with 45×45 pixels (below referred to as “id”) and the right larger area (below referred to as “info”) with the info text.


 |id =
 |id-c =
 |id-fc =
 |id-s =
 |id-p =
 |id-lh =
 |id-w =
 |id-h =
 |id-op =
 |info =
 |info-c =
 |info-fc =
 |info-s =
 |info-p =
 |info-lh =
 |info-op =
 |border-c =
 |border-s =
 |float =
 |margin =
 |usercategory =
 |usercategory2 =
 |lang =

Template parameters

idText or image – If the Userbox used in the template {{Babel}}, an image should not exceed the height or width of 45 pixels.idoptional
id-cBackground color#999optional
id-fcFont color#000optional
id-sText size14optional
id-pCell padding space1pxoptional
id-lhLine height in relation to the font size1.25optional
id-wBox width45pxoptional
id-hBox height45pxoptional
id-opOther (CSS) parameter(s)emptyoptional
infoInfo text (This user …)''info''optional
info-cBackground color#EEEoptional
info-fcFont color#000optional
info-sText size8optional
info-pCell padding space1px 4pxoptional
info-lhLine height in relation to the font size1.25optional
info-opOther (CSS) parameter(s)emptyoptional
border-cBorder color – if the border color is not specified, the template used the color of the parameter id-cid-c|#999optional
border-sBorder width in pixels1optional
floatText wrap around the Userbox – the following values are possible:
flush left
flush right
no flush
default flush, i.e. right if {{{lang}}} is right-to-left language, left otherwise
opposite of default flush, i.e. left if {{{lang}}} is right-to-left language, right otherwise
marginDistance to surrounding text1pxoptional
usercategoryUser categoryemptyoptional
usercategory2User categoryemptyoptional
langText language. Modifies text directionality and default float.{{int:lang}}optional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the User namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

See also


This template is not intended to be localized.

Advanced copy template

 | id         = id text or image
 | id-c       = id background color - also the default box border color (or #999)
 | id-fc      = id font color
 | id-s       = id text size - in 'pt', defaults to 14.
 | id-p       = id cell padding space
 | id-lh      = id line height
 | id-w       = id box width
 | id-h       = id box height
 | id-op      = id other (CSS) parameter(s)
 | id-class   = id class(es)
 | info       = info text
 | info-c     = info background color - background color of the whole table, really
 | info-fc    = info font color
 | info-s     = info text size - in 'pt', defaults to 8.
 | info-p     = info padding (distance between cell contents & cell border)
 | info-lh    = info line height (or distance in between text lines)
 | info-op    = info other (CSS) parameter(s)
 | info-class = info class(es)
 | bodyclass  = userbox class(es)
 | border-c   = border color
 | border-s   = border width in pixels
 | float      = css float property; left, right, none, w/default of left
 | margin     = css margin property; left, right, none, w/default of left
             (combined with 'float: none;' 'margin: 1px auto;' will center box in parent)
 | usercategory  = user category (optional)
 | usercategory2 = user category (optional)