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This documentation is transcluded from Template:WPTC track map/doc.

This template is an updated version of {{hurricane auto track map}} for newer tropical cyclone track maps. These track maps will be put automatically in the public domain as {{PD-self}}.


For most storms, use this formulation of the template:

{{WPTC track map | author= | name= | season= | start= | end= | source= | catname= | code=}}

For current storms, where the pre-filled source information will not be adequate (see Parameters below), use this formulation to provide a custom source:

{{WPTC track map | author= | name= | season= | start= | end= | othersource= | catname= | code=}}


Parameter Description Acceptable value
name Name of the storm for which this track map was made Any string
article Article for the storm for which this track map was made; if the same as name, then this parameter is not needed Any string
season Season article to which this storm belongs Any string
season2 Second season article to which this storm belongs (after crossing into another basin) Any string
author Author of the track map Any string
source For common data sources, this field provides pre-filled source information. See the template's source code to see the existing pre-filled templates. Any of NHC, CPHC, JTWC, JMA, NHCCPHC, CPHCJTWC, IBTrACS
othersource If a custom data source is being used (e.g. running best tracks), fill out the correct source description here Any string
catname The name of the storm's Commons category. By default, the template tries to put the track map in [[:Category:{{{name}}}]], and also sort the track map in [[:Category:{{{season}}}]] and [[:Category:Tropical cyclone tracks]] with {{{name}}}. Entering a value here will override this assumption. Any string
code This optional parameter can store the invocation of the track map generator on the command line. Any string


This code produces the result immediately below:

{{WPTC track map 
| author = Titoxd
| name = Hurricane Adrian
| season = 2011 Pacific hurricane season
| start = 2011-06-03
| end = 2011-06-09
| othersource=Tracking data from the {{w|National Hurricane Center}}'s running best track.<sup>[ftp://ftp.nhc.noaa.gov/atcf/btk/bep012011.dat]</sup>
| catname=Hurricane Adrian (2011)
| code=./track --format atcf --input ../tracks-data/2011/btk/bep012011.dat  --output ~/public-html/wptc-maps/Adrian_2011_track.png --extra 1


English: Track map of Hurricane Adrian of the 2011 Pacific hurricane season. The points show the location of the storm at 6-hour intervals. The colour represents the storm's maximum sustained wind speeds as classified in the Saffir–Simpson scale (see below), and the shape of the data points represent the nature of the storm, according to the legend below.
Saffir–Simpson scale
Tropical depression ≤38 mph ≤62 km/h
Category 3 111–129 mph 178–208 km/h
Tropical storm 39–73 mph 63–118 km/h
Category 4 130–156 mph 209–251 km/h
Category 1 74–95 mph 119–153 km/h
Category 5 ≥157 mph ≥252 km/h
Category 2 96–110 mph 154–177 km/h
Storm type
Disc Plain black.svg Tropical cyclone
Solid black.svg Subtropical cyclone
ArrowUp.svg Extratropical cyclone / Remnant low / Tropical disturbance
Date 2011-06-03–2011-06-09
Source Created by Titoxd using WikiProject Tropical cyclones/Tracks. The background image is from NASA. Tracking data is from Tracking data from the National Hurricane Center's running best track.[1].
Author Titoxd
Source code


Public domain This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Titoxd. This applies worldwide.
In some countries this may not be legally possible; if so:
Titoxd grants anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.