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Are you ready to liberate your artwork?

You can publish it in 3 steps at the Wikimedia Commons multimedia repository: you'll upload it, choose a license and write a description. It is important to provide all the relevant information.


Choose a free license allowing anyone to use and create derivative works.

We recommend CC-by-sa which ensures that, if reused or adapted, the result must be kept free.


Write a detailed description of the file contents. Put information about the contents of the graphic and, if necessary, how it was produced; if necessary, ask the person that advised you to help with this.

Translate the description (or ask someone to do it) in as many languages as possible.


Write the name of your school or education center in the appropriate form box.

The name must be exactly as written on the title page of the school in the Commons school page. If not, the link will be broken.


Probably you participate in wikiArS through collaboration between your school and a Wikimedia organization (local chapter, thematic organization, user group, ...). Put a link to the page of that organization in the appropriate box.

Source file?

How have you created the image? Did you use a graphics program like Blender, Gimp, Inkscape ...? Does it have a custom editing format different from the publication one? There is a specific box in the form to link to the source file, so anyone who wants to create a derivative work can download what you've done.

If Commons does not support native format you may upload to CommonsArchive.org wiki or to another repository and provide a link.

Derivative work?

Is your work a modification or adaptation of another free artwork? Does it use or integrate other free works? If so, please indicate it and link to them.

The license you choose must be compatible with the original works used.



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