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permission is listed on http://www.maaamet.ee/index.php?lang_id=2&page_id=399&menu_id=129 --WikedKentaur (talk) 07:52, 10 November 2009 (UTC)

The Estonian Land Board has made the Estonian administrative and settlement data freely available for downloading. The use of the data is not restricted but the reference to the source (i.e. Estonian Land Board) and validity date (e.g. 2007) must be made!

The use of the DATA, but not the use of the rest of the maps. The DATA is
Thats all listed in the download section, nothing more. Other information listed at http://www.maaamet.ee/index.php?lang_id=2&page_id=203&menu_id=89, inlcuding orthophotos e.g., is free to use in terms of free beer on their website. See the ordering and licensing policy for that stuff, you have to license it and pay for reuse (http://www.maaamet.ee/index.php?lang_id=2&page_id=512&menu_id=89 and the decree of the Ministry of Environment https://www.riigiteataja.ee/ert/act.jsp?id=12912254 linked there.) --Martin H. (talk) 19:50, 11 November 2009 (UTC)