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English: The Spider was an American pulp magazine published between 1933 and 1943 by Popular Publications. It was in the genre known as the "Hero pulps." Every issue featured an adventure by the masked vigilante "The Spider."
日本語: スパイダー(The Spider)は、1930年代から1940年代に人気を博したアメリカ合衆国のパルプ誌のタイトル、およびそれに登場するヒーローの名前。 1933年から1943年にかけて118号がポピュラー・パブリケーションズ社(Popular Publications)から刊行された。またそれ以外にもう1号、「Slaughter Incorporated」というタイトルが私家版として刊行されている。

Cover gallery[edit]

Volume 1[edit]

English: The first three issues were written by R. T. M. Scott, the fourth was written by Norvell Page.

Volume 2[edit]

English: All four issues were written by Norvell Page.

Volume 3[edit]

English: All four issues were written by Norvell Page.


English: Works copyrighted before 1964 in the United States had to have the copyright renewed sometime in the 28th year. If the copyright was not renewed the work is in the public domain. The copyrights of the first three volumes of the magazine, October 1933 to September 1934, were not renewed. All copyrights after that date until the magazine ceased publication in 1943 were renewed as required.
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