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Tifinagh is the character set as defined in Unicode as from U+2D30 to U+2D7F. There are 55 defined characters, but there are more characters being used than those defined. In ISO 15924, the code Tfng is assigned to Tifinagh. Here is a comparison chart for the character glyph and the transliteration.

Code Char Unicode Transliteration Name
2D30 2D30.png a ya
2D31 2D31.png b yab
2D32 2D32.png bh yabh
2D33 2D33.png g yag
2D34 2D34.png gh yaghh
2D35 2D35.png dj Berber Academy yaj
2D36 2D36.png dj yaj
2D37 2D37.png d yad
2D38 2D38.png d. yadh
2D39 2D39.png d. yadd
2D3A 2D3A.png d. yaddh
2D3B 2D3B.png e yey
2D3C 2D3C.png f yaf
2D3D 2D3D.png k yak
2D3E 2D3E.png k Tuareg yak
2D3F 2D3F.png ⴿ kh yakhh
2D40 2D40.png h yah
2D41 2D41.png h Berber Academy yah
2D42 2D42.png h Tuareg yah
2D43 2D43.png h. yahh
2D44 2D44.png a yaa
2D45 2D45.png kh yakh
2D46 2D46.png kh Tuareg yakh
2D47 2D47.png q yaq
2D48 2D48.png q Tuareg yaq
2D49 2D49.png i yi
2D4A 2D4A.png j yazh
2D4B 2D4B.png j Ahaggar yazh
2D4C 2D4C.png j Tuareg yazh
2D4D 2D4D.png l yal
2D4E 2D4E.png m yam
2D4F 2D4F.png n yan
2D50 2D50.png ny Tuareg yagn
2D51 2D51.png ng Tuareg yang
2D52 2D52.png p yap
2D53 2D53.png u yu
2D54 2D54.png r yar
2D55 2D55.png r. yarr
2D56 2D56.png gh yagh
2D57 2D57.png gh Tuareg yagh
2D58 2D58.png gh Ayer yagh
2D59 2D59.png s yas
2D5A 2D5A.png s. yass
2D5B 2D5B.png sh yash
2D5C 2D5C.png t yat
2D5D 2D5D.png t. yath
2D5E 2D5E.png ch yach
2D5F 2D5F.png t. yatt
2D60 2D60.png v yav
2D61 2D61.png w yaw
2D62 2D62.png y yay
2D63 2D63.png z yaz
2D64 2D64.png z Tawellemet yaz
2D65 2D65.png z. yazz
2D66 2D66.png e ye
2D67 2D67.png o yo
2D6F 2D6F.png  ⵯ +w Labialization mark
2D5C 2D59 2D5C.png2D59.png ⵜⵙ ts yats
2D37 2D63 2D37.png2D63.png ⴷⵣ dz yadz
2D5C 2D5B 2D5C.png2D5B.png ⵜⵙ ch yach
2D37 2D4A 2D37.png2D4A.png ⴷⵊ dj yadzh
Colors (IRCAM-centered classification)
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