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Landmarks of Tongyeong
English: Tongyeong is a city in South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. In 2007, it had an area of 238.69 km² and a population of 136,047 people. It is divided into 1 eup (town), 6 myeon (township) and 11 dong (neighborhood). Chungmu city and Tongyeong county were reunited in 1995, creating Tongyeong City as we know it today. It consists of Goseong Peninsula, Hansan Island, Mireuk Island and other islets. It was formerly known as Chungmu, after the posthumous name of Admiral Yi Sun-sin. The name Tongyeong means "command post" and is itself associated with Admiral Yi, as it refers to his principal base that was located on nearby Hansan Island.
한국어: 통영시(統營市)는 대한민국 경상남도 남부에 있는 시이다. 통영이라는 이름은 삼도수군통제사의 통제영이 있었던 것에서 유래한다. 통제영이 1604년에 자리잡기 전에는 두룡포라 불렸다. 경상남도 남단의 고성반도 남부와 이순신으로 유명한 한산도를 포함하여 남해의 192개의 섬이 있다. 그 중 41개가 유인도이다. 동쪽은 거제시, 서쪽은 남해군, 북쪽은 고성군과 접하며, 남쪽은 한려해상국립공원이다.

Hallyeohaesang National Park[edit]

Cityscapes of Tongyeong[edit]

Dongpirang Village[edit]

Tongyeong Port[edit]

Turtle ship[edit]



English: Chubongdo (Chubong Island)
한국어: 추봉도


English: Hansando
한국어: 한산도



English: Maemuldo
한국어: 매물도

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