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Bosnian and Herzegovinian - Croatian Shepherd Dog - TORNJAK (FCI No. 355) is a dog breed native to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This breed originates from the mountain Vlasic in Central-Bosnia and these dogs were used, as the name suggests, for herding sheep. The name Tornjak comes from the Bosnian word "tor" which is a moveable wooden fence-structure used to keep sheep in. They are very loyal and brave. A Tornjak will stand up to two wolfs and a pair of Tornjaks will even take on a small pack of wolfs!

This breed was nearly extinct at middle of the tentieth century, because the profession of shepard almost entirely disappeared. In the 1970's the remaining Tornjaks in the wild were captured and breeding programms started to save the breed. Nowadays, these dogs are saved from extinction, most are in breeding programms and they are a popular pet in primarily Bosnian home's. Also Bosnians living abroad feel that keeping a Tornjak is a way to be connected to the homeland.

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