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Here I gater my best images in galleries. When you open a Gallery Folder, please make sure you open it in a new tab, so that when you're finished, you can go back to the other Gallery Folders in my Portofolio Collection, without going back here to my About Page to follow the link above.

Note that when you open a Gallery Folder you have the possibility to start a Slide Show on the icon formed like a monitor (Toggle slideshow). Then lean back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the show!

When I add new images I will re-organize the Gallery Folder randomly, so the way the images are organized will change all the time. Too I will constantly re-edit my images, so if you watched a Gallery Folder once, there will be no reason not to come back later, as the experience will be renewed.

If you want one of my images, f. ex. for printing or a web site, note that most of them are under a Creative Commons - license, so that you can download it to your own computer and print it here at Flickr from your own site. Most of my images are from RAW-files, so if you want the image re-edited, send me an epost or SMS, or call me, and I'll re-edit the image to your taste.

Please note that I appreciate very much if you give me a donation to my work for the images you use, choose the amount you think the image is worth, or what you can afford. Please transfer the amount to my bank account in Norway, and mark it with "Image".

Mobile Phone: 004748023242

My address: OEyvind Holmstad Kronborgsaeterlinna 59 2848 SKREIA NORWAY