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my name is karim popal.i graduwaeted fram habibya high skol in 1975 . i finished faculte of agricultural in 1980.from 1980 -1985 1 worked in IBPGR (INTERNATIONAL BORD FOR GENITIC RESORCES) under the considration of UNDP and FAO Program.on the beganing internal ware in afghanistan, We are colected many tausent plant spp from more afghan vallag.we are saved those plant out side of afghanistan.

the afghan political history and policy[edit]

Afghan political policy or procedure by which the governments of Afghanistan have for 2500 years have used. Governments in Afghanistan Aryan ,Macedonian, Bakhtiari koshani, ,Yaftali Sufla District,Achaemenian, Sassanian ,Samanids ,Arabs, foshangi , Ghaznavids,Ghori,Mongol,Hotaki , Abdali ,Sadozai , Mohammadzai , Democratic government ,mujahidin ,taliban Have ruled that each of these governments have been domestic and foreign policy. Modern scientists have been able to discover that every one must leave this government what kind of system Political ,Commercial , Economic ,Military ,State , Culture And Social activity .They had. Set of rulers and governments in Afghan rulers such methods, and thay are used .
  • 1.. Afghanistan's is a defending country of Hindu way .country located between the Indian and china civilaization.its always has been invaded by many country and nationalities of north and west.
  • 2. The people of Afghanistan always are hard religious peopal.thay have faith and good defenders of religion.
  • 3. Afghanistan was self-sufficient in agricultural production in times of war only accessible using your products.
  • 4. The afghan government always has been obedient and function of Landowners and heads of density . Except Mahmud Ghaznavi and Abdur Rahman Khan
  • 5. Afghan Government Finance and bag was always empty with the ethnic civil compulsory war . usually those war had external roots.
  • 6. Afghanistan got mountains and is to difficult to rich civilizations and governments sovereignty to civilian .the civilian of those area have free life character . The governments keep people's to the same form but Khan had direct contact with government.
  • 7. Afghanistan governments have been hard Nationality orientation. Sardar authority say people live. Sardars was entitled and power ruling of country .
  • 8. The must obey to it.

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  • 2.Afghanistan after Islam Mir Mohammad Sediq Farhang written the first volume Jap government printer cable in 1357
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governments of Afghanistan, usually due to neutralize the enemy of domestic violence have used murders.

  • 9. after 18 century Afghanistan become strategically place for powers country . The country's rich natural resources, and rugged mountain are hard topography.
  • 10.The afghan Kings, governor, magistrate ,tribes and Nationalities heads had tradition for to stop delay, and termination internal ethnic war, deal money , women , land or gold .thay will pay or receive after the Jirga decision.
  • 11. Tribal ,ethnic ,community Jirga based on legality and it is low of the the country . king