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If you've been curious enough to come here, well I like to have a look at people's user pages too, so here is what you may want to know:

  • Akela NDE, from Akela in the Jungle Book, as I used to be Akela in a cub scout pack whose name NDE is standing for.
  • An occasional contributor to Wikipedia in French.
  • 33 years old, male, bachelor.
  • Interrested in scouting, cars, military, computers, and many other things.

Here on commons cause I have (and sometimes take) a couple of pictures which I would hate not to share with people who'd need those or at least something approaching.

You may also find some free works of mine on ScoutMedia as well as on my blog (Note : content of that blog is CC-BY-NC-SA, but by uploading pictures which are also on it on Commons, I expressly remove the NC clause.).

Unless specified otherwise, my own works are released under CC-BY-SA 2.0 France.