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If you've been curious enough to come here, well I like to have a look at people's user pages too, so here is what you may want to know:

  • Akela NDE, from Akela in the Jungle Book, as I used to be Akela in a cub scout pack whose name NDE is standing for.
  • An occasional contributor to Wikipedia in French.
  • 36 years old male.
  • Interrested in classic cars (Triumph Spitfire fan!), sailing, military, computers, and many other things.

Here on commons cause I sometimes take a couple of pictures which I would hate not to share with people who'd need those, or at least something approaching. I don’t think I am a good photographer, but I like to try taking good pictures, even though they usually are not!

Unless specified otherwise, my own works are released under CC-BY-SA 2.0 France, in order to be subject to French law.

Akela indeed.


When I was 16, I decided to get serious in photography, and bought what I thought would be a good camera : a Canon Prima super 105. It wasn't good, so at 17 I sold it to buy a Canon EOS 300, which was (I still use it for B&W). Then came digital photography: film became difficult to find, DSLRs were too expensive for my purse, and I was fed up with carrying big camera pouches. So I bought what someone at my local photo lab told me would be a good cheap digital compact: an Olympus µ760. It was slow, lacked a viewfinder or any kind of manual setting: I hated it. So in 2013 I replaced it with a proper digital compact, a Fujifilm X20, which makes me happy. Besides that, I acquired a 1950 Agfa Billy Record 1 6×9 folding camera, which is really fun to use.