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This page contains some information about pictures taken by me, or enhanced by me. It can also answer some questions, which may arise.
Praha, Hlubočepy, Zlíchov, pohled na Smíchov 1.JPG


Each picture from any location is named according to proper naming scheme. This provides not only the exact information where the picture was taken, but also good search results (in Mayflower or in default search - tested myself). Naming is in Czech and the system is shown in the table below:

Naming overview
Town Image:Obec.jpg
Some specific object in the town Image:Obec, pohled na skály.jpg
Part of the town Image:Obec, část.jpg
Some specific object in the part of the town Image:Obec, část, fontána.jpg
More images with likely the same name Image:Obec, část, fontána.jpg
Image:Obec, část, fontána II.jpg
Ehnanced image (version of Image:Obec.jpg) Image:Obec EX.jpg

There can be also some exceptions, for example if some objects can't be named according to this scheme or simply if I decided to.


There is a category Category:Geocoded images of User:Aktron used for geocoded images. There are not a lot of pictures yet, more will be added here later.


Images are arranged in galleries, these are created by the upload script after the process is finished. When size of the latest gallery goes over 64 kB or reaches it, it is archieved.


Recently, I've been addying coordinates to some of my images, mostly randomly selected. It goes slowly (few per day) because there is a lot of images. If you found a erroreous location somewhere in a template (like you've found some picture is misplaced on the GE layer for wikimedia commons), just inform me about this on my talkpage.