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Like in many other things in life, photography appeared "by accident". It was more of a search for the animal inside, that brought me to this wonderful journey. But it was only when I begun to realize that there was more to it, that I got addicted. I've been shooting for a few years and started focusing on wildlife, but soon... Soon I've returned to the beginning... and then, the inevitably question: -What if? What if these marvelous creatures disappear? and what can I do about it, with such a limited influence and resources? The question still remains, but when I found Wikimedia Commons one answer became obvious: share the beauty of wildlife so that others can use it to promote conservation, preservation and protection of nature and wild animals!
My modest contribution,
Animais Fotos | Mundo Animal | Animais Selvagens


Although it's a very ambitious one, my first target is to have at least 10% of my portfolio photos shared here. I'm still very far from achieving that, but I'll be doing my best...
If you find a photo on that touches you for a special reason and you would like to see it shared here, please do feel free to send me a note. Thanks in advance.


A bit of personal history around my equipment
1. Experimented with my father's old machine:- Canon Canonet
2. My first digital box:- Fuji FinePix A204
3. Discovered Aperture and Speed:- Canon Powershot S2IS
4. Having Fun:- Canon EOS 350D with 18-55mm and 55-200mm lens
5. Having doubled the Fun:- Canon EOS 50D with 50mm1.4 and 100-400mm