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I’m John Leonard Domingo Manangkil, I came into this world on the cold night of December 23 1998 in San Francisco Del Monte, a small town in the Philippine state of Quezon City. My Parents are Eleanor Alicabo Domingo and Fernando Lianes Manangkil, I can very well say that I’m so lucky because I am their first child.

My Family Background[edit]

My mom and dad are came from opposite land. Eleanor, my mother, had lived in Quezon City all her life, her brother and sister are both working abroad after their finish their study. She grew up with the family of her uncle and had spent only a couple of months in Nueva Ecija to see her parents. On the other hand, Fernando my father had lived in Nueva Ecija all his life there family have a large rice farm where he raise. My parents are both under graduated in college, my mom studying stewardess in University of Santo Tomas and my dad studying Electrical Engineering in Wesleyan University while my mother get pregnant. I have three scary brothers there are Michael the talkative, Ken the temper, and Shinjie the brave, when we are all together were wild.


The majority of my early memories from childhoods are somewhat vague, but for the first years of my life, I mostly spent the day either crying or sleeping, as babies do. A year later I began walking around my house, or what I remember as taking a couple of steps and stumbling awkwardly onto the floor. I also began to utter my first spoken words in both Tagalog and English. In 2003 at the bright age of five, I was enrolled at a private kindergarten where I would learn children’s songs or play in the sandbox all morning and spend my afternoons watching the Disney channel at home. Most of my vocation included long and tedious trips to Nueva Ecija with the purpose of visiting my grandparents and some relatives. During the weekends my parents trip me in different parks in Metro Manila such us Luneta, Manila Zoo among others. When kindergarten and pre-elem was over, my parents decided to go back in Nueva Ecija I continue my study, at Guimba West Central School. Where I received many awards like medals and certificates.


At the age of twelve I was through with high school. A couple of weeks earlier I’d been accepted to enroll at Bartolome Sangalang National High School. In my three years of high school I was so happy because of my gregarious classmates, some of our doings are talking all time, laughing all time, and unfortunately we insult each other, that is very fun. But sometimes were serious that is during our tests but while we answering a hard questions in our test we laugh again from a nonsense reason.

What’s comes next?[edit]

I am now fourteen years living here on Earth. After I finish my high school study I’d like to study a Computer Engineering in New Era University or in University of the Philippines Diliman go back in Quezon City. And if I pass my college. I would like to work in Qatar, one of the richest country and fastest growing economy in asia.