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I'm an administrator at Swedish Wikipedia. My main focus is on Swedish and Norwegian Wikipedia. But I also contributes to Wikimedia Commons and make small edits in the other language versions.

I have uploaded over 1200 pictures to Wikimedia Commons. Mostly from Stockholm, but also from Härjedalen in northern Sweden and from my travels in Argentina, Chile, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. See also Category:Images by Ankara, Category:Quality images by Ankara and Category:Valued images by Ankara.


My Nikon Nikon FM
  • Canon DIGITAL IXUS 850 IS
    My first camera. I have taken thousands of pictures with this camera. When I bought it, it was a good compact camera and I have never been disappointed. Here are some great pictures taken with camera: Fitz Roy, Djurgårdsvarvet, and Storskär.
  • Nikon D80+AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR. This camera is not my own, but I borrow it sometimes.
    The camera is ok. I'm annoyed by the noise level, especially in dark areas, and the problems in bright sunlight. Some of my favorite pictures with the camera: Cityvarvet, Helags and Lumakranen (here, I started to use the manual settings for the first time). I have (april 2011) started using my 50mm lens (see below) and shoot in RAW format and everything is much better!
  • Nikon FM+Nikon 50mm F/1.8 AI+Soligor 80-200mm f/4.5 macro lens.
    My last purchase ($ 62 for the entire package including lenses on Ebay). Full frame sensor cameras are expensive (Nikon start $2,200 dollar (D700), Canon at $2,399 (Canon EOS 5D Mark II), Leica $6,995 (M9)). Can I get the same quality with a $60 camera from 1978? See also Category:Images by Ankara-Nikon FM.

Nikon FM+Nikon 50mm F/1.8 AI[edit]

Nikon D80+Nikon 50mm F/1.8 AI[edit]

New project[edit]

My newest project is to create high resolution and high quality images of landmark buildings in Stockholm.

I'm not perfect[edit]

Some of my worst pictures uploaded to the Commons.


Argentina (Canon IXUS)[edit]

Chile (Canon IXUS)[edit]

Chaitén (Canon IXUS)[edit]

In memory of the city of Chaitén, which was completely destroyed in 2008 after a series of volcanic eruptions and floods. Today it is a ghost town. I was there in January 2008, four months before the disaster.

Denmark (Canon IXUS)[edit]

Lebanon (Canon IXUS)[edit]

Syria (Canon IXUS)[edit]


Stockholm (Canon IXUS)[edit]

Härjedalen (Canon IXUS)[edit]

Quality images

Panoramic Images (Canon IXUS)[edit]

Quality images

Turkey (Canon IXUS/Nikon D80)[edit]

Ships (Canon IXUS/Nikon FM)[edit]