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That's me: Aramaki, a.k.a. Dennis in real life.

Japan an me[edit]

Japan is my big hobby. It started with Aikido and Judo when I was 15. Later there started an interest in Anime and Manga. With 20 I gave up Aikido an Judo and started first with Kendo and a couple of years later with Iaido. At the same time my interest in architecture, culture and history of Japan got bigger and bigger. Today it is (more or less) a full blown Japan-addiction. I practise Kendo and Iaido, learn the language and since 2004 I travel to Japan every time my finances allows to.

Beside Japan[edit]

There is my job and my second studies in Berlin, a little bit of fitness and the membership at the voluntary fire department where I am a member of the Haz Mat team and an intructor. Writing this, it is a little bit of a wonder that I have so much time for Japan...


I visited the Strathisla-Destillery in Scotland during my vacation in 2008. After I came back I checked wikipedia more more information, but there was no article in the German wiki. So I wrote one. I few weeks later I wrote my second article about the Yushima Tenmangu. It is the shrine closet to my preferred hotel in Tokyo, Japan. All the pictures in this two articles are taken by me with my older Pentax K100D.

In 2011, during my search what to do in Tokyo, I found information about the Tokyo Jissha. 10 shrines in Tokyo, but there was again no article. But before I started to complete the information about these shrines, I wrote the article about Hokutosei, which I used on my last trip to Japan to travel from Sapporo back to Tokyo.

Many thanks to all who proofread my articles. My writing is not the best. Sometimes I forget important informations or links. If you find a problem but don't have the time to fix, please send me message. I will correct. No one should have more work because of me.

My work at the german wikipedia so far[edit]

  Strathisla, Whiskey-Destillerie in Schottland
  Yushima Tenmangu, Schrein in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo nahe dem Ueno Park
  Hokutosei, Nachtzug zwischen Ueno (Tokyo) und Sapporo
  Nezu Jinja, Schrein in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, member of the Tokyo Jissha
  Kanda Myojin, Schrein in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, member of the Tokyo Jissha
  de:Hase-dera (Kamakura), Tempel in Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken
  de:Kamakura-gū, Schrein in Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken
  Soya Misaki Bilder und Textabschnitte (von der eng. Wikiseite)


95% of the pictures in the aritcles are my pictures. If someone has better material, please feel free to replace it.

My bolg[edit]

In 2010 I started a travel blog: There you can find more information and pictures.