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Hello, I'm Astros4477. I mostly contribute on the English Wikipedia and I'm very involved in amusement parks and roller coasters. The majority of the images I upload are from Flickr as it is fast and easy. You can find all the photos I have uploaded below and visit My English Wikipedia page to learn more about me.

Photos I have uploaded[edit]

Cedar Point[edit]

All Wheels Extreme (01).jpg
All Wheels Extreme (02).jpg
Blue Streak Cedar Point 01.jpg
Blue Streak Cedar Point 02.jpg
Blue Streak on brake run.jpg
Blue Streak sign.jpg
Blue Streak turnaround from the parking lot.jpg
Challenge Park and Soak City.jpg
Cedar Point beach looking towards Hotel Breakers.jpg
Cedar Point beach view from Sky Ride 2013.jpg
Cedar Point beach view 2013.jpg
Cedar Point entrance 2008.jpg
Cedar Point Sky Ride.jpg
Cedar Point splash area.jpg
Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad Albert.jpg
Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad Judy K engine.jpg
Coca-Cola Freestyle stand Cedar Point.jpg
CornStalkers sign.jpg
Disaster Transport, Troika and Space Spiral.jpg
Disaster Transport demolition 01.jpg
Disaster Transport demolition 02.jpg
Disaster Transport demolition 03.jpg
Disaster Transport Repair Bay.jpg
Disaster Transport Repair Bay 02.jpg
Disaster Transport station.jpg
Fast Lane wait time sign for GateKeeper.jpg
Fright Zone lasers.jpg
Frontier Trail sign.jpg
Games area near maXair at Cedar Point.jpg
GateKeeper announcement banner.jpg
GateKeeper lift hill at night.jpg
GateKeeper preview screen.jpg
GateKeeper teaser (01).jpg
GateKeeper teaser (02).jpg
Gemini station.jpg
Happy Jack's Toy Factory entrance.jpg
Hotel Breakers 2009.jpg
Iron Dragon with old color scheme.jpg
Jr. Gemini Cedar Point.jpg
Luminosity — Ignite the Night! 02.jpg
Luminosity — Ignite the Night! 03.jpg
Luminosity — Ignite the Night! 04.jpg
Luminosity — Ignite the Night! water drumming.jpg
Magnum XL-200.jpg
Magnum XL-200 Gameboy poster.jpg
Magnum XL-200 lift chain poster.jpg
Magnum XL-200 red train.jpg
Magnum XL-200 sign.jpg
Magnum XL-200 station.jpg
Mantis Cedar Point drop 01.jpg
Mantis Cedar Point drop 02.jpg
Maverick and Mean Streak.jpg
Maverick Cedar Point.jpg
Maverick fountain.jpg
Maverick hill Cedar Point.jpg
Maverick over water.jpg
Maverick train in canyon.jpg
MaXair from Space Spiral.jpg
MaXair sign.jpg
Mean Streak entrance.jpg
Mean Streak first turnaround.jpg
Mean Streak overview.jpg
Mean Streak passing by the entrance.jpg
Midway Carousel at Cedar Point.jpg
Millennium Force hills over the lagoon.jpg
Millennium Force lift hill at night.jpg
Millennium Force load platform at night.jpg
Millennium Force load station at night.jpg
Millennium Force red train lift hill.jpg
Millennium Force train coming out of tunnel.jpg
Millennium Force train on lift hill.jpg
Millennium Force transfer track.jpg
Millennium Force unload station.jpg
Millennium Force yellow train.jpg
Millennium Force yellow train overbanked turn.jpg
Monster Cedar Point.jpg
Paddlewheel Excursions lagoon.jpg
Peanuts 500 CP.jpg
Planet Snoopy Joe Cool Cafe.jpg
Planet Snoopy Space Race.jpg
Raptor entrance sign.jpg
Raptor from the Sky Ride 01.jpg
Raptors station.jpg
Sandcastle Suites Hotel.jpg
Shoot the Rapids.jpg
Shoot the Rapids entrance.jpg
Skyhawk in full swing.jpg
Thunder Canyon sign.jpg
Top Thrill Dragster launch area.jpg
Top Thrill Dragster train.jpg
U.R. Dade School of Mortuary Science.jpg
White Water Landing inside boat.jpg
White Water Landing at night.jpg
Wicked Twister train.jpg

Other Cedar Fair parks[edit]

Action Theater at California's Great America.jpg
Action Theater Kings Island.jpg
Action Theater Kings Island (1).jpg
Backlot Stunt Coaster KI.jpg
Batman Knight Flight (01).jpg
Batman Knight Flight (02).jpg
Carolina Boardwalk sign.jpg
Carolina Cobra.jpg
Carolina Cyclone loops and corkscrew.jpg
Carolina Cyclone sign.jpg
Carolina Goldrusher entrance sign.jpg
Carowinds Fast Lane sign.jpg
Centrifuge (California's Great America).jpg
Dale Earnhardt car in front of Intimidator.jpg
Delirium KI.jpg
Demon Drop at Dorney Park 02.jpg
Detonator WOF.jpg
Diamondback back half.jpg
Diamondback entrance sign.jpg
Diamondback Kings Island construction.jpg
Diamondback Kings Island.jpg
Diamondback overview from Eiffel Tower.jpg
Diamondback Splashdown.jpg
Diamondback splashdown from the station.jpg
Diamondback train on lift hill.jpg
Dippin Dots stand at Carowinds.jpg
Dominator at Geauga Lake (02).jpg
Dominator at Geauga Lake (03).jpg
Dominator at Geauga Lake (04).jpg
Dominator DP.jpg
Dorney Park entrance.jpg
Firehawk from the Eiffel Tower Kings Island.jpg
Firehawk horseshoe element.jpg
Firehawk train in final helix.jpg
Firehawk train reclining.jpg
Firehawk red train.jpg
Firehawk red train in station.jpg
Firehawk yellow train.jpg
Flight Deck (California's Great America) 01.jpg
Flight Deck (California's Great America) 02.jpg
Flight Deck (California's Great America) station.jpg
Flight Deck at California's Great America.jpg
Flight Deck track (California's Great America).jpg
Flight Deck train on lift hill.jpg
Flight of Fear station Kings Island.jpg
Floral clock (Kings Island).jpg
Flying Ace Aerial Chase (Carowinds) 01.jpg
Flying Ace Aerial Chase (Carowinds) 02.jpg
Flying Super Saturator.jpg
Front car of Intimidator train.jpg
Front of red Leviathan train.jpg
Geauga Lake entrance 2011.jpg
Geauga Lake Ripcord 2011.jpg
Gold Striker entrance sign.jpg
Hurler sign with Drop Tower.jpg
Hydra the Revenge station.jpg
Intimidator 305 front track layout.jpg
Intimidator 305 train under lift hill.jpg
Intimidator entrance plaza.jpg
Intimidator entrance sign.jpg
Intimidator sign and lift hill.jpg
Intimidator train passing over queue.jpg
Invertigo with new paint at Kings Island.jpg
Kings Dominion Backlot Stunt Coaster red car license plate.jpg
Kings Dominion Backlot Stunt Coaster red train billboard.jpg
Kings Island Backlot Stunt Coaster blue train.jpg
Kings Island Backlot Stunt Coaster blue train launching.jpg
Kings Island Backlot Stunt Coaster red train billboard.jpg
Kings Island Backlot Stunt Coaster train billboard.jpg
Kings Island Eiffel Tower at night.jpg
Kings Island Eiffel Tower fountains.jpg
Kings Island WindSeeker sign at Sunset.jpg
Mad Mouse lift.jpg
New hydraulic dampers on WindSeeker Kings Island.jpg
Nighthawk entrance sign.jpg
Old The Bat footer.jpg
Paramounts Kings Island 1996.jpg
Possessed station.jpg
Ricochet Kings Dominion.jpg
Riptide Racer at Splash Works.jpg
Shake, Rattle and Roll in motion (Kings Island).jpg
Sky Cabin KBF.jpg
Soak City Tazmanian Typhoon.jpg
Son of Beast and Drop Tower.jpg
Steel Venom VF Sign.jpg
Steel Venom VF Spike.jpg
Stinger Dorney Park 01.jpg
Stinger Dorney Park 02.jpg
Stinger Dorney Park 03.jpg
Superman Ultimate Escape.jpg
Supreme Scream.jpg
The Bat entrance sign.jpg
The Beast 01.jpg
The Beast 02.jpg
The Beast entrance sign.jpg
The Beast's station.jpg
The Crypt Kings Dominion.jpg
The Grizzly (California's Great America) entrance.jpg
Thunderhawk Michigan's Adventure.jpg
Tiki Twirl 01.jpg
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Other amusement parks[edit]

Batman – The Dark Knight train SFNE.jpg
Bizarro Six Flags Great Adventure entrance sign.jpg
Bizarro Six Flags New England control booth.jpg
Bizarro train in station.jpg
Coney Island Cyclone ACE Coaster Landmark plaque.jpg
El Toro attention riders sign.jpg
El Toro lift hill (side view).jpg
Expedition Everest at night.jpg
Expedition Everest construction.jpg
Expedition Everest queue 01.jpg
Expedition Everest queue 02.jpg
Expedition Everest queue 03.jpg
Expedition Everest queue 04.jpg
Expedition Everest queue 05.jpg
Giant Dipper entrance sign.jpg
Giant Dipper SCBB plaques.jpg
Giant Dipper 85th anniversary.jpg
GM Test Track Briefing Room 02.jpg
GM Test Track corrosion test sign.jpg
GM Test Track entrance doors.jpg
GM Test Track loading area.jpg
GM Test Track queue 01.jpg
GM Test Track queue 02.jpg
GM Test Track queue 03.jpg
GM Test Track queue 04.jpg
Hurricane Harbor Great America.jpg
Kingda Ka station.jpg
Medusa viewed from the Sky Ride.jpg
Phantoms Revenge.jpg
Phantoms Revenge distant view 2004.jpg
Phantoms Revenge entrance sign.jpg
Phantoms Revenge second drop 2004.jpg
Phantoms Revenge station 2004.jpg
Sea Dragon roller coaster.jpg
Six Flags New England football field with Superman.jpg
Sky Rocket 01.jpg
Sky Rocket 02.jpg
Sky Rocket 03.jpg
Superman Escape from Krypton.jpg
Superman Escape from Krypton left track car.jpg
Superman Escape from Krypton tower.jpg
Superman The Escape refurbishment sign.jpg
Superman Ride of Steel Six Flags New England.jpg
Superman Ride of Steel station.jpg
Superman Ride of Steel train on lift hill.jpg
Superman Ride of Steel train on lift hill (02).jpg
Test Track entrance 2010.jpg
Test Track Epcot panorama 2009.jpg
Test Track under refurbishment.jpg
Thunder Run Kentucky Kingdom.jpg
Tornado 2-person raft.jpg


Asdrúbal Cabrera rounding third.jpg
Bruce Drennan pregame at Progressive Field.jpg
Chris Perez pitching.jpg
Jason Kipnis turning double play.jpg
Jason Kipnis leaving batters box.jpg
Jason Kipnis 7-1-2012.jpg
John Adams drummer.jpg
Lou Marson 6-30-12.jpg
Luke Carlin 5-28-2012.jpg
Michael Brantley 7-1-2012.jpg
Nick Hagadone 5-28-12.jpg
Progressive Field scoreboard.jpg
Progressive Field 4-22-09.jpg
Rob Drake.jpg
Sam Rutigliano and Mark Shapiro.jpg
Shin-Soo Choo 6-30-12.jpg
Slider 5-28-12.jpg


Adventure of the Seas ship.jpg
BGSU seal and Williams Hall.jpg
Dan Gilbert speaking onstage.jpg
Disney's Caribbean Beach Martinique.jpg
Disney's Caribbean Beach pool before renovation.jpg
Education Building front (BGSU).jpg
Explorer of the Seas Bayonne.jpg
Great Wolf Lodge Mason, Ohio.jpg
Jewel of the Seas.jpg
Kreischer - Darrow Hall.jpg
Math-Sciences Building (BGSU).jpg
Medina County fair (01).jpg
Mike Trivisonno pregame at Progressive Field.jpg
New McDonald's restaurant in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.jpg
United Airlines N14231 parked at Logan International Airport.jpg

My photos[edit]

GateKeeper operators booth.jpg
GateKeeper queue (01).jpg
GateKeeper queue (02).jpg
GateKeeper station and lift hill from queue.jpg
Progressive Field Wind Turbine.jpg