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I'm no fan of userboxes, but for purely informative purposes:

Hello, I'm Bas, mainly active on the Dutch Wikipedia I'm able to talk in Dutch, English and a little bit in German.


I'll be writing down some ideas for technical ideas and possibly also for less technical but more policy and workflow related ideas. Common motives of the ideas are to provide new ways to collaborate on Commons and release free images as well as ways to improve workflow. Comments on these ideas are very welcome as they are a must to improve on this rather raw ideas. Any interest in working together to achieve any of this ideas is even more welcome, although I have some technical ability in programming setting up these big of projects is likely a bit above my skill level.

  • Single Image Batch Upload: Upload from external sources using a single click. When an external source (mainly GLAMs) has released their images we currently see that the images are uploaded all using a batch upload, or rather sporadic. The idea here is to make this latter workflow much easier and reducing the 10s of steps to just a few.
  • Free Image Hunter: A platform to request images to be photographed which incentivises photographers using a point/rank system and eases the uploading of requested images. Users can request photographs they need for their articles but are unable to make themselves. The platform could also reach a new public, which likes to fulfill other's requests, some competitive incentives and possibly less technical aspects of uploading to Commons while maintaining images with high quality metadata and descriptions.

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