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Some older pics that I took in High school, a more up to date and comprehensive gallery located at this link [1].

QI sealMarch fly in flight
Jewel bug
Recent Image:FP AwardTawny Frogmouth at night
Garden Strawberry
Stella cherries

FP AwardFP AwardQI sealView from Mt. Feathertop
FP AwardFP AwardQI sealMisty view
2007 POTY FinalistFP Award FP Award QI seal Feed me!
FP AwardFP AwardQI sealCrested Tern
FP AwardFP AwardQI seal Butterfly, vindula arsinoe
FP Award Swallow chicks
FP AwardFP AwardQI seal Red-capped plover chick
FP AwardQI seal Brown Falcon