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Hello, my name is VolodyA! V Anarhist, you can also call me Volodya or Beta_M.

My personal mantra, with which i start my every day.

Some facts about me:

  • I am politically closest to the anarchist movement
  • I write poetry in Russian, English, and also in non-language (although the last one is rare.
  • I try to be nice to people, especially when they do hateful things to me.

My goals on Commons are:

  • to create a broader understanding of sexuality and gender through allowing the distribution of more related content (as long as it's free)
  • support the move of Commons towards a stronger statement on the freedom of speech.

My highlights on Commons:

  • I have completed several datadumps of radio shows which are distributed under a free licence (and will be doing more).
  • I have recorded many the pronunciation of many names of russian poets.
  • I have survived one block request.
  • I have made many photos in Volzhskiy

You can see all of my uploads at Special:ListFiles/Beta_M. I'm not possessive, and i do appreciate it when people edit what i upload to make it more informative.


I run a freenet node, and will consider linking with anybody who has reasonable number of contributions to Commons and has crossed paths with me before... E-mail me if you want to be connected.