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Monica ;<

hello. :)



Oh, hello there. I'm Monica. I love on the east coast of the USA. My username is a play on "bokeh" and "Mon", the latter being a nickname. I'm a student, but in my free time, I'm an amateur photographer and amateur makeup artist.

Photography History[edit]

A friend of mine introduced me into the field of srs photography. All my life, I'd take pictures of the beach or random things that were okay, but nothing worth posting anywhere. After talking with said friend for some time, I've learned many things and now take some pretty good photographs. For a time, all I had was an LG CU720 camera phone - I'll point out those shots - that took some pretty decent photographs, but now I have a Canon PowerShot A1100-IS that is godly.

Anyways, I tend to photograph landscapes a lot. I also tend to take some decent photographs of random crap that I've been told I compose well. Living on the beach is an advantage to me, except I'm not a morning person, so rising and shining with the sunrise is a pain for me, and I rarely have any sunrise-over-the-ocean photographs. I also take photographs of the cutest mutt ever.


Sandler, the Mutt[edit]


<gallery> File:Jan13sunrise.jpg|okay, I lied when I said I rarely pop out for sunrises. File:Stormycloudsonbeach.png|gorgeous, no?