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English: British Rail Class 444 unit (444 026) passing through Liphook Railway Station in Liphook, Hampshire, England. The train is travelling in a southbound direction on the Portsmouth Direct Line.

Deutsch: Hallo, ich bin Christopher T Cooper (CT Cooper), einen Editor und Uploader von Wikimedia Commons. Meine Startseite Wikimedia-Projekt ist die englische Wikipedia, aber ich bin auch auf Meta aktiv. Wenn Sie Hilfe oder wollen mit mir reden, hinterlassen Sie bitte eine Nachricht auf meiner Diskussionsseite oder per E-Mail. Alles Gute zum Hochladen!
English: Hello, I am Christopher T Cooper (CT Cooper), an editor and uploader of Wikimedia Commons. My home Wikimedia project is the English Wikipedia, but I am also active on Meta. If you need help or want to talk to me, please leave a message on my user talk page or send an e-mail. Happy uploading!

Crystal Clear app personal.png About[edit]

I was born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire on 10 April 1991, but I have lived in Hampshire for most of my life. My main interests are in the natural environment, aviation, video games, photography, and travelling the world. My mother tongue is English, however despite being dyslexic, I have for many years wished to learn another language, and my German seems to be getting a little bit better every day.

I completed my GCSEs at secondary school in June 2007, and my A-levels at sixth form college by June 2009 through studying geography, environmental science, biology, and history. I began studying at the University of Southampton in October 2009 by continuing to read Environmental Science to achieve a Bachelor of Science (BSc) qualification by June 2012, and a Master of Environmental Sciences (MEnvSci) qualification by June 2013. In employment, I have briefly worked for both East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) and the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA). In July 2012, I will do conservation work for Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

I created this account on 3 January 2008 under the username of Camaron, an alias which I liked at the time. However, on 16 June 2010, I changed my username to CT Cooper to better reflect my "real life" identity.

My main contribution to Wikimedia Commons has consistently been the uploading of photographs from my own collection, with my first such upload being File:Punta Cana sunset.jpg, which was uploaded on 20 April 2008. I also upload spoken articles for the English Wikipedia, and do upload reviewing work to ensure that uploads comply with Commons' policies and guidelines, with a specialty in license reviewing and freedom of panorama matters.

I joined the Wikimedia UK chapter in October 2009, and have been an attendee of the Wikimedia meetups in London since February 2010. From February 2012 onwards, I have helped out at various sessions that teach new users how to contribute to Wikimedia projects. I have also become a contributor to Wikimania, and I attended my first in Haifa, Israel during August 2011, by presenting a talk about "Freedom of panorama and Wikimedia Commons" to the community. I have served on the Wikimania Scholarship Committee from December 2012 to present and on the Wikimedia UK Grants Committee from December 2013 to present.

Crystal Clear Icons Apps File-manager.png Contributions[edit]

Crystal Clear filesystem folder images.png Photographs[edit]

My uploads to Wikimedia Commons overwhelming comprise of photographs with potential educational use, that I have taken with various cameras, either in the United Kingdom, or while travelling abroad – all of which are showcased in my galleries. I am old enough to have owned a film camera, which I used exclusively until 2005, although the complication of image scanning combined with the limited quality of the photographs, means I am unlikely to ever upload any of these to Commons.

Photographs from my first digital camera, a basic point-and-shoot model in the form of a Canon PowerShot A75, have however been uploaded to Commons, such as those from 2005 Kenya trip. Despite this, the low quality of the photographs (the camera's maximum resolution was only 3.2 megapixels), limited features, and failure of the viewfinder in 2007, motivated me to purchase a replacement in 2008, which consisted of a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3. This new camera had more options (such as the ability to control exposure), and could produce higher quality photographs of up to 7.2 megapixels each. My first use of this camera was in my 2008 trip to the Dominican Republic, which included the first photograph that I donated to Commons; File:Punta Cana sunset.jpg; uploaded on 20 April 2008. This camera served me well for many years, but in 2011 I donated it to another family member, in order to obtain a Nikon D3100, an entry-level digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) that would allow me to further develop my photography skills with the option of interchangeable lenses and other features, as well as provide improved quality, with a maximum resolution of 14.2 megapixels per shot.

The use of a DSLR camera has allowed to attach geocoding information automatically to photographs, in the form of metadata, with the use of a GPS tracking unit accessory, called an EasyTag. My first set of photographs from the Nikon D3100 consisted of those taken in my 2011 trip to Kenya. Whatever camera I have used, I sometimes make digital modifications to my uploads through use of Ulead PhotoImpact 12 to improve their quality, such as by cropping.

Crystal Clear filesystem folder sound.png Spoken articles[edit]

My uploads do not just consist of photographs; I plan to use Commons to upload spoken articles for the English Wikipedia; my first is currently in the process of being recorded.

Crystal Clear app kview.png Reviewing[edit]

I help review uploads to Commons, doing work such as ensuring images are properly categorized, have appropriate descriptions, are within scope, and do not have any copyright problems – inappropriate uploads are sent to deletion requests or nominated for speedy deletion as appropriate. I specialize in dealing with freedom of panorama issues, and I have had a strong involvement in this area, as highlighted by my presentation on the subject, which was presented to the Wikimania 2011 conference. Other specialities include doing license reviewer work, usually focusing on uploads from Flickr, which involves checking that the license given in an upload matches that attached to the file at its source.

Crystal Clear action db comit.png Edit and upload counters[edit]

Crystal Clear app kedit.png Upload plan[edit]

Below lists what photo selections I plan to upload in the future, in order of priority.

  1. Remaining Kenya 2005 images. ✓ Done
  2. Kenya 2011 images.  Doing…
    1. Remaining safari images.  Not done
    2. Remaining Mombasa images.  Not done
    3. Remaining edited images.  Not done
    4. Add images to mainspace galleries.  Not done
  3. Turkey 2012 images.  Not done
  4. Queen Elizabeth Country Park 2012 images.  Not done
  5. Berlin 2012 imagers.  Not done
  6. Farnborough International Airshow 2012 images.  Not done
  7. Farnborough International Airshow 2010 images.  Not done
  8. Farnborough International Airshow 2008 images.  Not done
  9. Farnborough International Airshow 2006 images.  Not done
  10. South Downs 2012 images.  Not done
  11. South Downs 2011 images.  Not done
  12. Dorset 2011 images.  Not done
  13. RHS Garden, Wisley 2011 images.  Not done
  14. Liphook 2011 images. ✓ Done
  15. Kefalonia 2011 images.  Not done
  16. Petersfield 2011 images.  Not done
  17. Israel 2011 images.  Not done
  18. Cotswolds 2011 images.  Not done
  19. Alton, Hampshire 2011 images. ✓ Done