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User:CarinaT is a user page belonging to a user who is mostly active on the danish wikipedia but sometimes makes contributions to other wikimedia projects in context of contributions elsewhere. At this moment, this user page contain only a little information about the contributor. The purpose is to point out which subjects the user deals with and also give relevant information about the person behind the contributor, because this often can give enlightening answers. The user page can, as everything else on wikimedia projects, be improved and does therefore not cover everything relevant. Yet.

At the creation of this user page has the preview button been used which is always needed.



Navn: Carina T*********
Årgang: 1987
Placering: 8210
Studie: Molecular biology
Trosretning: Agnosticism

Interests and/or expertise


Science: Biology | Chemistry | The field between the two aforementioned
Classical music: Chambermusic | Music theory | Music history
Structure, clean up, proof reading and similar
Miscellaneous – when I find something random