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I will be less frequent on this and all sites over the summer due to rising complaint of me posting lolicon images through out the city of Chesapeake for kicks-and-giggles! So don’t worry I will be doing great research to improve this site! Thank you I hope to see ya soon! Bye!

  • P.S.: I will not be arrested for it because it was not nudity involved but I have one HELL of a court case! Because it seems the City of Chesapeake now wants to ban lolicon from here so I have to argue this case w/ my lawyer to prevent it! By the way they wont win! I can take this s*** to the U.S. Supreme Court! Watch CNN: Headline News more info or stay toned to the local news stations:
  • [WAVY]
  • [WVEC]
  • [WTKR]

...Bye for now =^_^= KANPAI!

Anime has GREAT storylines, GREAT animation, HIGH media attention, and tons of genres! The characters are EXTREAMLY cute and you my friend wouldn’t know good TV if it BITCH SLAPED YA IN THE HEAD!!!.... lol

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Hi, could someone volunteer to help me check to see if an image is ok for uploading or if its not before I UPLOAD it? KANPAI!!! The stata sites is down here! If you dont like the site and it goes against any rule of wiki please tell me so i can remove it and not someone else so i dont get scared someone may block me for my lack of Knowledge in terms of the wiki rules!

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