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About me


I'm a hobbyist photographer living in Leipzig (Saxony, Germany). I am mainly interested in architecture photography. I studied law in Leipzig and Rome and lived in Berlin for eight years. I'm more or less interested in all photographic genres but I'm uploading only little of my work on Wikimedia Commons (mainly architecture and landscape). These days I'm rather busy in real life and unfortunately do not have a lot of time neither for photography, nor for participating on Wikimedia projects, so please be patient if I do not respond quickly. However, when I find the time I mostly do studio/portrait photography which is not really suitable for Wikimedia projects.

I've won the first place of the international Wiki Loves Monuments contest in 2016 with this view of the Berlin regional court and of course I'm very proud of it. You can have a look at all of my WLM 2016 contributions here.

I'm a co-founder of the Commons Photographers User Group.

You can find me on Flickr and 500px as well. I have a blog on black and white film photography.

All of my pictures on Wikimedia Commons.

Re-using my photos

The pictures I upload to Wikimedia Commons are licensed under a free Creative Commons-License (CC 3.0 DE or CC 4.0). However, these licenses have some requirements to be met if you want to re-use the photos (attribution is just one of the requirements but not the only one). I think that it's a matter of respect to comply with the license terms when using a photographer's work. However, it's also a copyright infringement not to observe them. Please read the respective license carefully before re-using any of my photos. If you have any questions regarding license requirements, please do not hesitate to contact me by leaving a message on my talk page on Wikimedia Commons.

Photo requests

If you need a freely licensed picture of a subject located in or nearby Leipzig please write me an e-mail or leave a message on my talk page on Wikimedia Commons. I'll do my very best.

A subjective and provisional selection of my photos

I don't always know why, but these of my pictures here on commons are the ones I like the most.

Some of my featured pictures on Wikimedia Commons

These are some of my pictures that are featured on Wikimedia Commons. For a full list of my featured pictures please have a look at Featured pictures by User:Code on Commons.

My spherical panoramas

A selection of my equirectangular panorama works. Please view these pictures in the 360° panoramic viewer which is linked in the description page of each file. A full list of my 360° panoramas can be found in Category:Spherical panoramics by User:Code.



Church interiors

A selection of my church interiors.

My other favourites

These are some of the pictures I consider my best although they are not featured on Commons or another Wikimedia project.


Spreebogen, Berlin-Mitte
Regierungsviertel, Berlin-Mitte
Regierungsviertel, Berlin-Mitte
Stadt Ranis
Kaisergebirge, Tirol
Alte Bibliothek, Berlin-Mitte


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