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  • Chinese seal art cat
  • Seals of China
  • Carving techniques
    • Baiwen
    • Zhuwen
    • xx wen
  • Parts
    • Knobs
    • Faces
    • Imprints
  • Types
    • Name and studio
    • Collection
    • Imperial
  • Materials
    • Gold
    • Jade
  • Schools and artists
  1. Hall (Building, =Lou), Auditorium (Ting) ≠ (Lecture Theatre)

Public domain description[edit]

  1. Artwork on occasional public display. A replica is on permanent display at ××× Museum.
  2. Own collection.
{{PD-Art|1=PD-old-auto-1923|country=China|date=xx Dynasty|deathdate=d/k}}
'''PD-Art'''. While the ××× does not pass from publication for 50 year, the art work which became the original picture of the ××× passes from the author death for 100 years. It is therefore '''the second creation of the work of PD''', and it is PD.