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This is the section of user Covi on Wikimedia Commons.
A wikipedist eager to learn and improve the Wikipedia.

12:18 UTC – Saturday,
26 May 2018.

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  About me

My main interests in Wikipedia are:
Civilian and belic aviation ˙ Military history (especially WWII) ˙ and..., as a es:Geek,
˙ the TICs and many others interests...

I participate in Wikipedia to try to get together this draft will become a source of reliable information more than... however, I can only bring more than good will and it's very likely that the shit too many times, so I apologize in advance.

Quote fave:

español «Estoy convencido de que en un principio Dios hizo un mundo distinto para cada hombre, y que es en ese mundo, que está dentro de nosotros mismos, donde deberíamos intentar vivir

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Do not forget this :'(